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Polytone Mini / Teeny Brute and my Emperor Regent


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I've been playing my Emperor Regent through my Roland Cube 60 for a while now and while I love them both i have always found them a little on the bright side. To address this I've always fancied the idea of putting the Regent through a polytone but figured I'd never find one that I could afford. This all chnaged last week when I heard about one locally going for what i felt was a song so I bought it unseen for £110. While the amp works fine and is all I could have hope for sound wise I now realise I know absolutely nothing about it.


What I’m hoping is that some of you out there with more experience of these legendary amps than I do can answers some of my questions and give me some feedback on what I’ve got.


First then the amp. (see pictures below)


Its covered in what I can only describe as black velvet

Its got a 10” cone

Its got what must be a replacement circular grille speaker cover on the front.

Its got bass, treble and volume knobs along with a 3 way dark and brite switch and a hi and lo input

Its got the standard 3 way power switch

On the back its got external speaker and main output sockets

In the back its got a lot of pristine looking electric stuff (maybe too pristine?)

The speaker is a 10” eminence unit that has little info on it other than a big blue eminence sticker with the uk distributers address on it and the following “ME12-1008LE 121051 67-95380050 G1 8 Ohm”

Everything appears to be working fine with no pops, crackles or hums.


So that’s the amp here’s the questions

How old is it? I’m told its early.

How many of these were made? Are there many left and is it rare?

How original is it? I understand that polytone used eminence speakers in there smaller amps. Is this true and is the one in there original. If its not the original speaker is it a good replacment?

Where can I find more information?

What is it worth (for peace of mind I’d like to think i got a bargain)?


Thanks for indulging me. Any information or feedback would me more than welcomed



post-27099-089491900 1291583870_thumb.jpg

post-27099-003536100 1291583916_thumb.jpg

post-27099-087674700 1291583941_thumb.jpg

post-27099-075888900 1291583967_thumb.jpg

post-27099-052741700 1291584020_thumb.jpg

post-27099-065517000 1291584076_thumb.jpg

post-27099-099989900 1291584146_thumb.jpg

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Yeah.. you want to check out the Jazz guitar forums.

110 pounds is 250 Can? I would jump on it if I had a chance.

These are very highly regarded amps in the jazz world.


I have read about reliablity issues and customer support being zero but if it is good enough for Joe and Herb (among others)

I would certainly give it a shot.

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