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Can't get enough of this song-


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What a find--a "new" TVZ song? The great Buddy Miller? Patty Griffin w/ her trusty Country and Western???


This one of the last (if not the last) songs written by Townes Van Zandt. The story is that his widow gave Robert Plant Towne's demo of this song, which was in a minor key. Plant gave it to Buddy Miller (who appears with BOJ and co-produced the BOJ album), who arranged it in F major and provided the punch and the fine rifts.


(It didn't take too long to learn -2 chords!--and it's going straight to my foreever set list.) Enjoy!


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I'm totally behind this performance. The song one of them we feel we know already, still fresh and entertaining.


Thanks for finding and showing it -


Did you ever see this picture. The singers reaction to Prince Charles when suggesting a Led Zep. reunion.

(Yes, now I hear it . If You See Her Say Hello - B. Dylan Blood On The Tracks 1975)

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Great song and rendition.......I may put this on my list too......


I'm getting almost a dulcimer-like effect out of my maple J-100xtra by dropping the low E to D, then capo'ing at 3 and playing D and G (but the G is actually 020033, whatever chord that is). And instead of the low runs, I seem to prefer pull-offs and hammers along the high string while in the D position.


See if that does anything fer ya. \:D/


"Oh me, oh my--who's gonna mark my time?" Shivers...

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