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Failbird X


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Delayed while they make it EVEN better!! reading between the lines i deduce that there is a problem with the groundbreaking technology and there is a team of Geeks working flat out to repair it.


As i already mentioned in one the other firebird x threads, I quite like the look of it. It is far more handsome than the original UGLY firebird. If i had $5000 to spend on a guitar right now, well, it would be on my list of guitars to try out.


<Bigneil> <---- ducks to avoid the incomming torrent of abuse



P.S. no offense intended to geeks, i am a geek myself.

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Gibson, trying to improve what cannot be improved. I know they make "cool new finishes"

but really, nobody wants these guitars.


P.S. this topic has already been done before



If anyone is interested, I can and will provide more links to the X-Bird , ah, thingee......very funny.........just ask...[thumbup]

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That guitar is so awful, it makes me angry.


Stig ... take a deep breath. You'll never own one, so what do you really care? It's just another guitar design ... one out of hundreds that get released every year. Do you get this torqued up over every one you don't like?



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