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pu set up for Dot


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everything is set at stock settings.


Reference point when setting humbuckers is to press string at last fret and measure from top of pole screw to bottom of string. The measurement is

Neck pickup.....3/32" bass and treble side.

Bridge pickup...1/16" bass and treble side.


Is that what you mean by stock settings?

After that it is a matter of your own taste and what you consider the "sweet spot" on your guitar.


Moving pickups closer to stings will make them louder and more aggressive up to the point where the magnetic field will interfere with your strings and start killing your sustain.

Moving pickups further away will give them a more airy effect up to the point where they start to sound too week.


The rest is a matter of taste. That is the reason for the above reference points so at any time you can go back and start again from scratch.


No two guitars, pickups, setups, amps, players and etc. are the same. As long as you have a reference point to go back to, just experiment until you find what you like.

You may find the above measurements to be quite satisfactory.



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After I dropped the pole pieces I realized that I could have done that. Easy fix. also used the zig-zag slot method on the pole pieces and I definitely think it made a difference.------- /\/\/\. This puts more metal rather than "slot" under each string.



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Generally the further away the pickup is from the strings the more accurately the signal corresponds to the strings motion, it's similar to the effect of taking a picture of a person from close up is more distorted than a picture taken further away, so the pup distance is a matter of balancing signal to noise. The more symettrical the string signal the better the effects and amplification chain handles it:GIGO Garbage In = Garbage Out. imho almost all cases of muddiness are from people who have their pickups too close to the string, feeding the sound chain a lousy sounding assymetrical wave from the start. 'buckers have a strong signal, hence the pups can be a considerable distance from the strings before the signal to noise ratio gets objectionably low: Use this to your advantage.


Pole piece adjustment should start with the polepieces as close to flush with the pickup as you feel is comfortable with (nobody wants to poke a screwdriver into the pickup) then using the largest unwound string as a reference raise the other polepieces one at a time so that the signal from that string is the same strength as the reference string when picked with the same force. Once the strings are balanced the polepieces can then be adjusted outward together if desired.

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