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My NEW Les Paul (Pics of course)


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Yes TG it is... and it fits pretty good with the micro stack :-s.



I am pretty sure it's chambered, DoubleSixx, judging by the weight....



I can get it to sound like pretty much anything from Led Zepplin to Gretchen Wilson....

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Heh' date=' I wasn't paying attention and got fooled by it! I seriously thought that the Marshall Micro Stack was a full size (huge) stack with human head size knobs. Nice =D> [/quote']


Oh it IS, it IS.... and here is the Giant Dictionary I use as a stage prop :





Sorry man... I didn't really mean to trick anyone. Well... kinda... but... you know. It's why I put the link down there O:).



But thanks for posting... that is TOO funny.....

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