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Was watching a Green Acres episode when that famous crooner Tadpole Talbot showed up. He hired Eb away from the Douglas's as his music plugger. This gig sets up in the Douglas's living room (The Old Haney Place) [blush] :


Here Eb is, plugging Tadpole's music:





Tadpole Talbot favors the Douglas's with his new tune "Four of Spades"

For a shiny new pick, name Tadpoles equipment:



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Mr. Haney was a hoot.


I liked him too. I hadn't realized, until recently, I'd retained some of his malapropisms like Chicargo, for the Illinois city on the western shore of Lake Michigan. I realized it when I began watching these re-runs on Hulu. Haney seems to have coined it on the show and others picked it up.

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