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I have a steel Dobro (i.e., a Dobro dobro) I bought new in '73. It's my main axe at this point; I also gig with an Epi AJ500RC 12fretter. The Dobro usually gets the most playing time, in standard, drop-D, D and G tunings, slide and bare-fingered.

Ive played both Epiphone resonators. Between the two, I preferred the Biscuit, esp. for the money involved. The metal model (brass) was uncomfortably heavy (I prefer playing standing), and I thought the sound was a bit muddy--not sharp enough for my taste. The specs on the Biscuit say it has a rather narrow neck (1.62), but I didn't have any trouble, and liked the sound, for a wooden body.

In either case, I've preferred Regals for relatively inexpensive resonator guitars, and would check them first before any others if I were in the market. All of the above, of course, is just a matter of my own taste.

And do note on the Epi website,that both Epi models are marked as discontinued.

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