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One of the greatest (IMO) guitarists from the contemporary era, and to appear in music in the past thirty years, is Larry LaLonde, from the famed alt-metal/funk-metal/genreless band PRIMUS, and from the trend-setting death metal band Possessed. Recently got into him again, and I am amazed by his creativity and his technical mastery--he's one of those guitarists who can be very spontaneous and very clever while at the same time really knowing his instrument very well. Also, he has, and has always had, great tone.



Oh, and I can't ignore Les Claypool's incredible bass playing and song writing. What I see in Primus is a band that's really not afraid to take risks, but at the same time is really comfortable in what they do. It's a strange, interesting balance.


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Back in 1994 or 95 before internet was really around, if you mailed a request to PRS they would send you a brochure that would fold out to a poster of one of their sponsored artists, I sent out for 3 and I got one dude from candlebox, one from santana, and one of Larry Lalonde standing on a diving board holding a prs. I had that poster on my wall for 7 years and I have no idea what happened to it.


I wish I still had it.


I had a friend in Oakland who said he was in a super heavy satanic rock band before he joined primus or something. Not satanic as they worshipped satan but they were pretty dark.


Awesome guitarist though.


probably my favorite song by them



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