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So I'm testing out this new BYOC Overdrive 2 pedal with my old solid state Fender amp and suddenly the sound completely stops. I'm checking out my guitar, cable, pedal and look up and see white smoke coming out from my amp.


I cut the power and now see a slight glow thru the speaker grill. Hmmmm no tubes so it's not tube glow. I unplug the amp and run it upstairs and outside to put the fire out with a bucket of water.


Lesson learned:


1. Everyone should own own a fire extinguisher



I will pick one up later today or first thing tomorrow.


I guess I have another new amp cabinet and chassis to use for a tube amp build. The bummer of the story is that this amp had some sentimental value and the grill cloth burned and I've never replaced one and I really don't want to learn how.

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Man I was burning up the frets for about 5 minutes before all flaming hell broke out.


What I heard I liked. It seems pretty versatile and I only got to try out the one chip. I have two more to try out then I need to work on paint/finish.

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My orange transister amp gets damn hot, after an hour of solid playing loud it suddely loses all the gain. yo could fry bacon on the metal plate on the back [thumbup]


i always turn it off before it bursts into flames tho... but ill probably forget to one day [thumbup]

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I have learned that in a lot of SS circuits if the power transistor goes bad it often will send direct DC current to the speaker which causes it to eventually burn the voice coils.


SS amps do not have a power transformer but they have a power transistor.

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That sucks.


Speaking of OD pedals into SS amps... I actually prefer my OD pedal into my friend's SS Roland over my Vox. It just gets too crunchy with the tubes when I'm just trying to boost the signal. It stays cleaner and more dynamic on the Roland..


Terrible.. I know..

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Thats a shame......but it happens.

In 35 yrs of playing electrics i've "smoked" 2 amps, the 1st was a 105w 1970 Univox tube stack....ungrounded !!

not only did the head short out, it melted 1/2 the wiring, the 3-way, and the treble V-pot in my Les Paul, and hit me with a shock i'll never forget ! Oddly enough, the pickup in the effected circuit was fine, still sounds great.


The other was a 60w Fender Frontman solid state....i'm playing, and hear a loud zzzzzzzT-POP, then silence, and smoke starts rolling out.

Not a total loss though, as I pulled the power chassis, installed an input socket into the rear panel, and a Jensen C12Q 35w ceramic "Vintage Series" speaker, made a new grille cover frame, covered it with Vintage Fender cloth obtained at the website below, and made a dandy speaker cab for my Blackstar head.


before new cover:



with new cover:



website with a GREAT selection of grillecloth !


Fender,Marshall,Mesa,Ampeg & More: grillcloth (right click link)

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