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Look what just showed up in another forum...


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This a-hole posted his site in the other forum and actually said openly they are fakes...


Not that we wouldnt have noticed...


I'll say it for those who dont know (mr papa, papa lazarouz, and co.): Zakk Wylde Buzzsaw finish only gets done on epis, gibson doesnt have one.


Look at the **** they are trying to sell... Cuda ma-man, if you are still around that other forum... could you do the honors and send that guy to hell?



Heres his GIBSON ZW buzzsaw



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Not only is it ugly as hell but they are selling it for $147.00 and there is this little box floating around that chases your mouse arrow that say you can get a discount if you click here... So for around $100.00 you can have a Gibson knock off... Must be real quality work!

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It's pretty weird looking... I noticed a few things other than the paint...


1. Headstock Gibson Logo is not centered

2. Tuning Keys on the D A E side seem a little closer to the outside than the other side.

3. Truss Rod cover looks cheap and the writing is not straight.

4. Bridge pickup is a little far away from the bridge

5. Stopbar is too far back

6. Toggle is maybe a little far farward


Other than that, what a steal!!

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Guys, I forgot to thell this:


The guy at the other forum, just showed up and said "I know lots of you like gibsons, this site has them for sale... I have already bought 5 and they are fine instruments, of course for the price they may be fake as they are selling for less than 200" (or something like that, I'll see if I can find the thread and post a link).


Then he goes on and talks about the craftmanship and tone quality... (WTF?)


And then he goes even further and say "shoes and purses are nice too" Is this guy for real???


I'll look up the link.

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Buzzsaw is not only for Epi's but it is only for Epi Les Pauls. I'm no pro but I can't see much wrong with the guitar other than it being the wrong finish. Maybe its a repainted gibby? I really don't know but i smell a scam.



Actual Gibson with buzzsaw paint job






Oh my god.... no please... tell me they didn't... Is this a nightmare? What will come next... the Daisy Rock inspired melody-bird?

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Ok... this is the thread... Oilpit was asking something about the new GC price policy and this guy shows up and says it all...





This is his post: (his nickname is Outlet3a how creative eh? Why dont this guys ever call themselves just james or jack?)




Default Re: GC pricing?

I come across a new auction website whose product and service quality deeply atrracts me,and I'm pleasure to share whith you.

I've ordered from this web 5 times now. The items are not genuine, but very good copies.

The delivery is good and in my opinion reliable (both received in under a week from

payment) and sellers are usually happy to negotiate a little on price.

Their guitars are obviously not genuine when you consider the price paid for them – around $200 each where genuine versions of these guitars would retai for around $5000 – however the quality of craftsmanship of the copies is quite high and the guitars look good and play well which is really what it's all about!

shoes and handbags are lovely

If you buy a series(two and above two)stuffs,you can get a big discount in the shipping costs before your order.

No problems with Customs inspections so far – both were opened and forwarded straight on.



guitar pichttp://picasaweb.google.com/outlet3aguitar[/url]

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Man, you guys should just delete that stuff, move on and let it go. I've modded forums for years and I guarantee you that 99% of those spammers never come back and read the replies. For that matter, the vast majority of them are bots that register and post automatically (usually they start threads rather than reply to them though).

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Yes I dont know how or why people buy those fakes... but I'm willing to bet more than half the bashing gibson QC gets on the net on reviews and forums are due to a-holes that have bought this typ of guitar, wether they paid 100 or 100K doesnt matter, they should know better. (not that gibson QC is perfect, but I have never gotten a bad gibson guitar, and the ones Ive seen were beat the hell out of them before looking bad).

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