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2001 LP Authentic Historic


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I'm looking at a 2001 58 reissue Authentic Historic Les Paul in Butterscotch. The guy I'm trying to buy from said it is a much better guitar than the, as he said "new cookie cutter VOS reissues". He said it does not come with a COA as they didn't give them with the guitars back then. My questions:


-Did they give COA's with these guitars?

-Are they better built guitars than the new reissue VOS series guitars. I have a 2010 Lemonburst 58 reissue and I like it.

-What should this guitar have with it to identify it as a custom shop reissue?


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Well, according to the 'Historic Changes year-by-year' sticky the COA's came in in 1999...




As far as the 'How good is it?' part; all Les Pauls are different, as you must already know.

Only by playing it can you tell if it's one you think is good. Your likes are individual and unique to you.

I've played some very ordinary re-issues and I've played a very few outstanding examples. Others might have felt the opposite to be the case in every err, case....



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A COA or lack of one doesn't mean the guitar is real or fake. Post pictures of it and someone will tell you if it's real/fake. There were less of them made in 2001 compared to today but that doesn't mean it's going to be a better guitar. It will certainly be less accurate than a new one (if that matters to you).

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