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Best album cover EVER


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when i was a kid, this one jumped out at me.






This was one I was thinking before I went with the gag cover. Kiss always had the best "Album" Candy with the booklets and tattoos and stickers. I almost bought a complete Alive 1, Alive 2 and Rock N Roll Over on Ebay just to have all that little crap.



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Front of Album




Back of Album





I don't know why, but I recently got back into Steve Winwood. That dude is UBER talented


These are my picks.



I haven't heard this album all the way through. My parents had the record when I was a kid and I remember thinking it was the coolest album cover when I was a kid.





Someone already stated this album cover, but this is the album that changed my life. This one and the tarkus one were the ones that made me realized I wanted to do something with art and music in my life.


Underwater love is an amazing track.



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