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Hey that's not bad. $15 bucks + shipping is pretty good from a big store. Thanks for the heads up.


By the way I read in the dream rig thread that you have an American muff too. When did you get that? Are you havin NPDs and not even posting a thread?? [scared]


Oh snap, I didn't mean to include that in the ones I already have... My bad!


I want the american one for like a rhythm, and the Russian one for solos and stuff. I love that tone

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Yeah I'm thinkin about throwin my Big Muff back in the mix. The Fuzz Factory is just sooo good...


I guess there's no reason not to have both (except the Big Muff eats batteries like crazy).


Go to Wal Mart and find some Ray O Vac Heavy Duties. 97 cents for a 2 pack, and they last about a week with a couple of hours play every day. Not too bad

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