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1978 Gibson The Paul Backplate


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I received this guitar a few years ago in relatively bad condition. One pickup is broken, the wiring is terrible, and most recognizable is the fact that it is missing the backplate! I have a new set of backup pickups, and a wiring kit. Now, all I need is a backplate. Anyone know where I might find one? I'll attach a picture of the back for reference for anyone who doesn't know what it looks like. Thanks!

post-27846-078377800 1292228623_thumb.jpg

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I would have to suspect that Gibson made some other guitar that uses the same backplate, I doubt that even Gibson would have designed and had manufactured a special backplate for this specific model. Knowing if there were other models that used the same plate doesn't make it necessarily any easier to find, it just gives you more places to look.


Your best bet is probably going to be to have one made. Most guitar parts retailers (AllParts, StewMac, etc) sell "blank" pickguard stock. There are a few different methods by which a piece of pickguard stock could be custom fit and fashioned for your use. The method I use most often is "pattern cutting", and any skilled woodworker type person can make you a "pattern cut" piece to fit (once you have a pattern).


The pattern cut process generally works as follows: Make a "rubbing" on a piece of thin paper of the area. Cut out that "rubbing" and use it to trace the shape onto a wooden block. Rough cut a wooden block, and then "mill" the wooden block into the exact perfect size and fit, for it will then be used as a template to cut the plastic. You then use that template as a guide to router cut the plastic. Mark, drill, and countersink your mounting holes, find some nice oval head screws and your done.


It may sound like a big deal, but it really isn't. With blank stock in hand, it only takes an hour or so.

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