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1975 SG Standard wth no binding


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My first post. I have had since new a 1975 cherry SG Standard which came with a Bigsby, which I later removed and replaced with a Gibson tail piece. The unusual thing, I think, is that it has a narrow neck - about 1-17/32" at the nut - and no binding. Anyone know if there were many like this? Needless to say, it sounds great and is my most precious possession.


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Here's a `75 Standard without binding. "Bigsby tailpiece optional"


From this page: "1975 Gibson solid body catalogue"






No `75 catalogue, but Everything SG has a very similar pic. in the `76 catalogue




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Thank you both. Mine looks like the one on the right but has the bridge and chrome pickups of the one on the left plus (had) the Bigsby. On remeasuring the neck width it is indeed 1-9/16" at the nut, very narrow! Will post a photo once I get organized.

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