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Flying V body size


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That's part of owning a V of any brand, chance of edge dings.

It's made of wood, so the possibilities are endless as to what you can cut off of the guitar with a saw. :unsure:

I wouldn't, but then I've been playing V's for a very long time, in fact a V was my first electric guitar.

Maybe a Flying-V just isn't for you? Maybe you should get an SG, Les Paul or a Strat style guitar?

Size of the guitar is as important as neck dimensions for playing comfort.

I have a friend who is just a small 5 foot super skinny dude, he plays a Les Paul shaped guitar because it fits his build.

It's funny to see him strap on a guitar like an Explorer because he gets dwarfed by it and looks like a little kid. LOL! [biggrin]

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