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I found a nice condition standard black LP for about $250. The serial number starts with DW (a factory in China). Does anybody here have any experience with guitars from that factory? I've never seen it before.


My EPI LP CLASSIC is a 2006 Model from the "DAEWOO" Factory in china. IS a top-notch

Guitar, WELL built, beatiful, and my FAVE to play.(FLat D-Style neck).

CHECK the git you're looking at out, $250.00 is good, depending on condition.


Come with a case? Any "room" for a little bargaining - say $20 + less?

Any time to post pics BEFORE you have to buy?

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Well . . . here's what happened. I got to the store and tried the LP and it was very nice. However, they also had a brown worn-finish G400, EE factory. I tried this and was sold on it. Do I need another SG model? No - but this is my final one. The last I wanted was a brown worn-finish. I already have a cherry worn-finish, a 66' reissue, and a Gibson SG special.


I'm well equipped to rock out (in my living room) :-({|=

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thats a great price! that gives you the flexibility to upgrade pickups compared to a new one! great find. [thumbup]

I took the cover off an old Epiphone neck pickup from a Dot I had years ago and put that in the neck position. I put a tonerider Alnico II in the bridge. This sounds very good now. Removing the cover from the bridge pickup brightened up the sound while still retaining it's warmth, if that makes any sense.


any pics?

This weekend when I see my wife (more than just as we pass each other on our way to/from work) I'll get the camera from her and take photos of the 4 SGs.

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