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Got my hands on a 61 reissue and i have some doubts


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Finally i got my 61RI and i would like to put some strap locks in it but ive heard that some of them have bigger screws that can... well... screw up the wood.

i would like to know from you guys, which brands are the most suitable for my new baby.

i dont know if gibson produces them, sorry but i didnt have any time to do any research at all because im travelling right now

im gonna post pics later BTW [thumbup]

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This subject has been addressed a number of times at these forums.

I've posted my opinion on this subject a few times.


I use Schaller straplocks.


Here's a few threads from a while back.




wedgeSG posted a similar solution to mine in post #25 here:



If you search for "strap locks" in forums using the search window, as of now there's 218 entries.

No doubt there are many different opinions about what's best. Get as much info as you can then decide for yourself.

You've made the wise decision to protect your guitar.

That's the important first step, now decide what you feel most comfortable doing, and good luck.

And don't forget, regret over not spending a few bucks to prevent possible serious damage to your guitar is a bitter pill to swallow.

Protect it!


Edit- Oh yeah, Bender 4 Life also has a good method that's similar. See next post.

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cover the threads on the stock strap-button screw with masking(or electrical) tape......insert threaded section into an electric drill.

while running the drill at meduim speed, hold the edge of the screw-head against a file, thus reducing the head diameter,

check often by trying to slip the straplock anchor hole(upside down) over the screw-head.

as soon as the head fits into the hole, STOP, let the screw cool, remove tape, and insert the screw correctly into the anchor.

add 1 SMALL drop of glue to the screw-hole in the body, and attach new anchor.


i've used this method for around 30 years now, never split any wood, OR had an anchor come loose.

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