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What is this?


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Hey serial number officially is S5077103

1997 Samick

The S looks like an 8 until the light is right on it.


Here is some info on the DC from the 1998 Epiphone specifications chart. http://epiphone.3house.com/1998.html


I found a 1994 DC identical to yours in TV yellow here.

If your "Epiphone" logo on the headstock is straight instead of angled, it puts your guitar in the mid 90's time period.





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Thanks for all your help. Nice people willing to help someone they don't know.

With that said, this is not my cup of tea so I am selling it. Doesn't have a hard shell but iti in really good condition. Casino's/V/Firebirds were my choice a long time ago, so I am going after one of those. Can't afford the 60s Gibson models I had. Epi Korina V seems nice, any opinions on these?




I have a 1985 Korean Epiphone that looks like a Les Paul Jr but..... Please look at the attached pics. Have not seen this one. Neck is set not bolt on. True under the bed classic. Has store bar code on the back. Anything but Chinese knockoff! Sorry about the Camera pics.. post-27883-074233700 1292444369_thumb.jpg post-27883-083194600 1292444298_thumb.jpg post-27883-021014400 1292444634_thumb.jpg

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