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Is this a Giibson....?


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I was just wondering but does anyone know if Matt from Detla Spirit in their "Transhcan" video is playing a gibson acoustic? :-k Im a just a lil curious about this...i've just been bugging to know. If you need to review the video you can see it here http://www.myspace.com/deltaspirit I really like this Band, they are one of my favorites. Cant wait for Ode to Sunshine to come out 8/26..im bound to play it everyday once i get it. :D/





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hello and welcome to the forum.

i watched the video for "parade" that was featured on the link you supplied and due to low/ lighting and my inexperience identifying shadows, i can only say that, judging by the shape of the headstock, the guitar in question is an epiphone. sorry i can't be of more help. i looked up the song you mentioned on youtube and the guy is playing a fender electric (jaguar, jazzmaster?) in both vids that i watched.

thanks for the link, though. i like this band alot. looks like they'd be a riot live. it is really weird, in a good way, how we stumble across something new and interesting. this forum is great for those kinds of things.


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