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Watch Yer Humidity.....


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What's the right level again guys?


Mines jumping from 33 to 38%




I found that when the window is open and 'natural' humidity comes in then 45% is ideal, but when i use the humidifier i keep it between 37-40%. When it gets to 45% + i find that the SWD starts to sound a bit 'swampy'.


I found this 'humidity chart' sometime ago on the AGF ...quite funny and a good guide.

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That's geniuuuus Euro Aussie


Cut and Paste below:-


The figures below represent RH (Relative Humidity):


100%; You shouldn’t really be playing your new guitar out in the rain


95%; This is dangerous for your instrument; glue joints are compromising right now and the thin wood plates are highly stressed and buckling due to their swollen condition


90%; This is far too humid for your instrument; the action of the strings is very high; maybe it’s time for some air conditioning for both of you? Bad things are possibly going to start happening to your instrument


85%; Too humid; your wood plates are beginning to swell with the moisture; this isn’t good


80%; A little too humid I think (plus, aren’t you getting uncomfortable?); soundboard movement is starting to affect the action (making it higher over the frets)


75%; Probably getting too humid; if it keeps up you may actually notice the soundboard movement; sort of OK for awhile


70%; OK for awhile but don’t let the guitar get too warm; more wood movement with the soundboard bellying out somewhat perhaps


65%; A little too humid; there might be a small bit of wood movement but don’t panic


60%; Still sort of OK


55%; Not too bad


50%; OK




40%; OK


35%; Time to think about humidifying your guitar; the soundboard is starting to sink in; probably will be OK for a few days so don’t panic (yet!)


30%; It is really time for humidifying your guitar, (a few days might be ok); action starting to get low; maybe you can start to feel the ends of the frets beyond the edge of the fretboard (which has shrunk back due to moisture loss); install the Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier when you are not playing the instrument


25%; Time to be really concerned; time is not on your side; take corrective action now; use the Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier and put the guitar in the case until the dry conditions are over; cracks are planning their assault; frets are hanging over the edge of the fretboard now


20%; Danger Will Robinson!!! You are living on the edge now; huge stresses are building up in the plates of your expensive instrument and; cracks may start to appear at any moment; the soundboard is sunk in and you have string buzzes


15%; Give me a call and we can discuss a time slot for your repair


10%; Now we need more time to fix all those cracks and glue the thing back together


5%; It’s over!

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I live in the netherlands where humidity most of the time it is at about 60-70%. In its case I can usually keep the guitar at about 60. Now with the heat on it drops to about 45%. All these conditions have turned out to be fine for the guitar, altbough it seems that it is now a bit better sounding than when we had wetter wheather.

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