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I've tried ebay but so far no luck. I've found a few sites that did offer all the collegiate guitars at one time but since its now discontinued none of them have them or know how. Hopefully someone will know where to look. Toneis i tried to put a pic up here so u can see what one looks like. Maybe both of us can get lucky and track one down.

post-27921-055096500 1292540396_thumb.jpg

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Is there anything else unique about the guitar besides the paint on the body? Seems it might be worthwhile to simply get a used Jr and have it custom painted as you like.


Answered my own question. See below.


Body and headstock painted in school colors, truss rod cover with school name. ("University of North Carolina", and "Louisiana State University" on the two pictured below.)

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That gives me an idea. I have an old Epi Jr in my office. I might just remove the body, strip it, and paint it with an LSU theme. I think it would look awesome in purple and gold. :cool:


By the way, I looked up "LSU Guitar", and found an old Musician's Friend link.




Here's a full shot of the one you want:





This would have been mine:





(I think I can do a better custom job for an LSU guitar, though.

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Shoot! They even came with a special guitar hanger and gig bag! ETA: They also came with a strap, and I found an old ad listing the package for $269.95, so they weren't cheap.




I guess there was some sort of team placard behind the glass there.


Looks like they were available around 3 years ago. I found the link from a "Tigerfan.com" thread from March of '07. That's kinda neat!

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