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Santa Rocks It Out...


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Myself, two teachers and the principal put on a short Christmas concert for the kids at my wife's school this morning (grade 7/8 school).


The kids really got into it.


I used "Here comes Santa Claus" as intro music and then stormed out from behind the curtains and introduced the kids to wailing hollowbody feedback, some AC/DC licks, a brief solo and then we launched into ZZ Top's Tush (with some of the lyrics changed "I'm just looking for Santa Claus....", Wipe Out and Jailhouse Rock (with the lyrics changed to teacher's names and the school's name substituting for the title --- Land of Lakes Rock".


After Tush/Santa Claus we had all the teachers come up on stage and tell Santa their name as he went through his naughty or nice book. The three staff on stage with me were male so that left all female teachers and support staff --- except for one male teacher. So Santa had all the females "naughty" and the lone male "nice" (the only male staff were playing on stage with me). The teachers had no idea this was going to happen. ;)


It went over quite well. We had all the amps mic'd and it sounded pretty good.











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My plan was to start my digital audio recorder as we began.


However, I did two stupid things that prevented that from happening.


1) I left it beside my amp. I thought we would have closed the main curtains and then I'd be able to turn it on just before we started. Unfortunately it was decided, unbeknownst to me (as I was in the hallway behind the theatre waiting for our part to begin) that the second curtain would be shut --- and it was just behind the drum set. The new plan was that I would come out from behind that curtain and the drummer.


2) Things got messed up seconds before I was about to run out. I used rechargeable batteries in my wireless unit. I charged two sets at the beginning of the week and used one pair during the two rehearsals on Tues and Thursday. So an hour or so before going on I put the new batteries in. I turned the unit on, the light was green --- all was good.


As I was waiting in the wings during the intro song I turned the wireless unit on. The light suddenly went yellow. Time to change the batteries! Meanwhile "Here Comes Santa Claus" is playing and I have to exit the back of the theatre and run into my wife's classroom (right beside the back door of the theatre) and change batteries --- and do so quickly!


Upon doing that and then running on to the stage --- I totally forgot about the digital recorder....



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