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Neo's gonna love this one


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Guys...It was bought at Ecuador's (Bolivia's?) version of GC, not Guitar Center. Sometimes i think you guys don't read the threads...just look at the nice pictures hehehehe....


I believe GC is a US only company for retail locations. Big box type guitar shop though....same ****, different country.


Those are awful pics...makes me sad for that kid in some way. Angry at the parents in another.


Did you school him Thunder?


Oops you're right didn't notice the GC Style part. Well hell send it to the CEO of GC anyway just on principle!!!! msp_w00t.gif Maybe they will take care of it anyway!




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I'm assuming that the kid takes a weekly or biweekly lesson? So I would assume he hadn't had the guitar for more than a week. Those strings are months or more old. I really doubt an employee would do that but wouldn't at all be surprised for them not to care that it went out that way. This was something that I was actually surprised about the first few times that I went to Guitar Center, and Mars which ended getting turned into Sam Ash here in Indianapolis. I had only been to the GC in Hollywood and Dallas during the early 90's and everything was immaculate. My buddy was the top Salesman for GC in Hollywood for about 10 years. So I was thinking man this is going to be great. The guitar Centers and Sam Ash now just seem to be Wal Marts. I don't know how many used (and new) guitars that I would pick-up that had missing parts, rusty strings, no setup, sharp fret ends, dirty, missing knobs, jacks falling out, pots that are loose, you name it I have seen it there. They Don't seem to care! I bet if someone traded in a guitar with a dog turd smeared and stuck to the headstock they would just leave it like it is and throw it up on the wall.


I still maintain that is a freakin' used guitar!


They come into town and put all the small shops out of business and then they don't care about quality because they sell so much volume it doesn't matter.


I don't know what the kid is like I know I had some good students that I would have personally taken back to the store and throttled who ever sold it to them and I had some students that were little turds ( Usually their parents were too ) so I would just let it go and kinda feel like they got what they deserved.


I hope it is a good kid and I think it would be great if Thundergod would take him back to GC and call them out. This might be difficult since it appears as though he works at a music store and could be taken as he just pissed because the kid didn't buy there. But he could get a knowledgable friend to do it if the parents are willing.


I still say this should get sent to the CEO. I'm even willing to draft up an eloquently written " Pardon me but your an Arsehole if you don't take care of this" letter to go along with it.


This makes me really angry!


I completely agree...We used to have Mar's in Omaha about a decade ago...now we only have two decent Guitar Shops, one that maintains it's stock better then it's counterpart...but then there's the Best-Buy and Walmart in Lincoln...and Oh God is it such a disgrace...exactly everything you pointed out was present in both stores...Best-Buy almost made me throw up due to seeing 5-10 yr old boy's and girls running around picking up 1000-2500$ guitars and banging em around like they were nothing while the parents watched...It's sad to see so many guitars on the wall of different stores become trash...

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I gotta say there won't be any 10 year olds bashing about with $2000 guitars at our Best Buy... unless they grew to be 15 feet tall. The only guitars hung down where kids can get to them are low end, low dollar. But even the guitars set out for use to demo the other gear are tuned and in good working order... no noticeable dings or scratches and no missing parts.


I give direct credit for this to Jon, the manager, and his staff. They are hardworkers and provide for an excellent shop.


Sam Ash is the same way.


GC not so much, but at least you're dealing with knowledgeable musicians and I have always been treated with respect there.



No excuse for letting the gear get manhandled like they do, but at least the rare stuff stays locked in the Platinum Room and the really expensive guitars are hung higher up.



(Not like BB, though... your average 10 year old could have easily gotten their hands on MY Les Paul....)

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It's actually pretty common to backwards string a Floyd Rose you can't clamp the ball in anyway and sometimes the unwound part is easier to clamp. I typically string my Hamer backwards but I cut the balls off so it doesn't look like that. A real Floyd Rose is well made and can be fun and will hold tune but these cheap *** licensed models are horrible especially for a inexperienced player.

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The guy that actually does the selling in my place used to work at that store and told me they get paid a really low minimum and then they have to make ends meet with a percentage of everything they sell. So they try to sell even the dust on top of guitars as an extra feature :(


BTW I know the owner, used to be friends with him and even had a band together. Got pissed at the guy after he started trying to drive every other store into bankrupcy by lowering prices to the point he wouldn't make a profit for a year but would get everyone to become loyal customers of his place (back when it was a nice place with good stock).


Then he made an order of my cabs and sent them to a guy to open them up, see how they were built an copy them with cheap materials.


Of course I'm not his friend anymore and don't buy from his place, but I remember his salespeople trying to sell me guitars with rusty strings, dents, scratches, missing parts... They know it's a long shot but they give it a try anyway. You never know when a guy will come in willing to pay a lot of money for a POS.


The guy has class today, the guitar has been sent to the owner with a note from me LOL

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