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Best blues amp for Epiphone Les Paul

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What do you guys think of the Line 6 spider IV amp?


I had a Line 6 Spider III (15 watt) and my son has a Peavey Vyper (also 15 watt). If you like that sort of amp (solid state, modeling, capable of tones suitable for metal) then I like the Peavey better than the Line 6. However, I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.


Give us your budget.


Tubes or solid state?


Do you use pedals, or do you need the amp to do the effects for you?


I like the Egnater Tweaker suggestion but that might be too loud for just home use.


I currently use a Fender VibroChamp XD run through an external 1x12 cabinet. I am happy with it for my use, just playing at home. It has good cleans on Voice 4 and Voice 1. I also like the Marshall-like Voice 8.

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I just got home from my local pawn shop and they have two amps there that are possibly worth looking at. One is a VOX valvetronix AD50VT for $189.99 and the other is an Epiphone Regent 50R for $150. What's everyones opinions of these two amps?

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The Line 6 Spyders are very versatile and will give you just about any tone you want.

I have the 75 and use that 90% of the time for practice.

When folks show up to jam I fire up the Traynor Valve 80 with a Digitech GNX3000. Covers just about everything.

Try before you buy is the best advise.

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For just playing around the house (which is all I do), the Fender Vibro Champ XD is plenty loud, has plenty of models, effects, effects levels, gain levels, etc.


Check out the video, and know that there are a lot more tones that you can easily dial in.



I just played around with the dials a bit until I got a tone from my Les Paul Ultra, on the neck pickup, very close to what you linked before. I can't play nearly as well as that guy, but I was able to hit some notes and bends that sounded real close to that. I'm betting that, if you have the ear for it, you can get it much closer than I could.


I play it through a 4-ohm 2x12 cabinet from Seismic Audio. There are better speakers and cabinets to be had, but the little 10" speaker on the amp sounds good too.

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The Epiphone Regent and Valvetronix both look good

The Valvetronix is a 'hybrid' with a valve pre-amp, so has the edge on tone

If the Valvetronix has a power soak on the back, it can be played at lower volume in the home whilst still overdriven






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What do you guys think of the Line 6 spider IV amp?


i've got the 30 watt model and Honestly when I got it I loved it, but at the time i knew **** all about amps and what sounded good and such,

NOW I hate it, So next week I'm getting myself a Jet City 20 watt Half stack, the JCA20H Head and JCA12S Cab, that would most certainly pull off what you are after

it is an amazing amp for the price, when I cranked it up it was amazing, just purely amazing, and I tested it with a les paul too.

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Sage advice. Take you guitar into a store and try out the amps with your stuff. That way you will know how it sounds. Not every guitar sounds good with a given amp.


Welcome to the forum.


Smile and Wave to the nice person.......



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Peter Green's signature tone,


That's how a Les Paul is supposed to sound. In the mid and late 1960's the Brits set the standard for Blues tones: Jimmy Page, Clapton, Mick Taylor, Kim Simmonds, Danny Kirwan, Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, Mick Abrahams, Alvin Lee, Luther Grosvenor, Pual Kossoff, Martin Barre, etc.

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Seriously I have a Fender Mustang 1The Mustang allows you to download tones to the Amp from the Fender Fuse site. I also use a Fender GDEC 30. The GDEC is pretty good for a blues amp as you can use the presets or build your own sound as you go. You can change the Amp type, the effects are many, and you can change the timbre also. There is even an acoustic effect that I have been able to get a decent resonator sound out of. You can find a GDEC 15 of 30 for not too much and they both have a jam session where you can play along with a band and set the bpm, drum pattern etc. I've seen a GDEC 15 watt amp sell for less than $80.00. I'd give either of these a try. I also have a 5 watt a Fender Champion 600.It sounds great and has that vintage vibe too. The Epiphone Valve junior half stack was just amazing also. Just pure tube driven sound. Play around with your tone and volume knobs to tailor the sound. My next amp is going to be a Valve Junior, now that I own a house.











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