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Scratchy input jack epiphone sheraton


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I know this is painfully tedious, but I think I need to take out my input jack and re solder it or bend the clip a bit so the male cable catches better. Any suggestions as to how to make this easier? I've done it in the past but it took me forever and I feel like there has to be a better method. I usually take off the nut and fish the input jack through the f hole, fix and test it, then put the guitar upside down and fish it back through the input hole.


I usually use a tool similar to this and it helps tremendously but it's still so frustrating trying to retrieve and put the input jack back in place. Any suggestions?


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Take a used guitar string (unwound) fold it back at the ball end and ensert the loop through the jack until it hooks around the jack on the inside. Then thread the string through the ball and cinch tight.


Remove the nut, and pull the jack out through the f-hole with a hook made out of a piece of coathanger making sure not to pull the guitar string all the way through the jack hole. Now solder in your new jack, with the same guitar string cinched around it. Put a piece of leather or a towel over the guitar to protect it from solder drops. Make sure to test the jack BEFORE you pull it back through the hole.


Pull it back through with the string, and tighten the nut using a screwdriver to keep the jack from turning inside so you don't twist the wires off. Loosen the guitar string and pull out by the ball end, or snip the ball off and pull off. That should do it.


If you're going to all this trouble, put in a USA Switchcraft jack, don't even bother trying to repair the Epi jack - it will just start shorting out again in a few months.


BTW that apparatus above looks vaguely medical...


Oh and one more thing - it's an OUTPUT jack....[biggrin]

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