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I might not even qualify as a advanced beginner but I have been playing keyboard for years now. I can do basic chord and most of what I know about the keyboard is from the guitar by holding a guitar chord and trying to form a chord on a keyboard. My first tune I learned to ply by myself was Van Halen - Jump. The I realized there are tab like webpages for Keys also but my lack of properly reading music really hurts me there.


So I just putz around on the keys.......... lol

gotta love Zelda...Spent many hours as a kid playing nes..snes..and especially N64 zelda games...great memories as well as incredible games.

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Noodle around on piano, need to buy one someday


Harmonica is tons of fun


I say I'm a guitarist, but I suck, need to work on that


I can play some basslines, want to get better at that


I can keep a decent basic rock or jazz beat on drums


Used to play saxophone and clarinet, could probably do that if I really tried again


I try a little bit of everything, like a dull swiss army knife [flapper]

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