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History of my LP standard?


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Hello all

I have just bought my 1st ever Les Paul

Its a 1988 Standard.

What i would love to do if it's at all possible is find out more about it.

I have checked the serial number database and found out what date year and where it was made, but i would love to know more about it

such as what type of wood used on the body/neck, what pickups etc etc.

Is it possible to find out all this info?



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A Les Paul Standard is made with a mahogany body slab with a carved maple cap on top. The neck could be either mahogany or maple, depending on the era that it was made (I don't know the dates off-hand), pictures would tell.


There have been many different versions of the Gibson humbucker through the years, and there may be stamped numbers or a sticker on the bottom of the pickups. This information would also be helpful.


Post some detailed photos and any other specific information and the knowledgeable folks around here will surely be able to answer your questions.

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