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Good afternoon to everyone! My father owned this Gibson ES-175 about 20 years. But now it`s time to let it go and sell it. He doesn`t play anymore and i play on solid body guitars. But i have doubt about originality of this guitar. I never seen ES-175 with such inlays and Bigsby, but there are not any signs of other bridge and changing of fingerboard. I know that tuners aren`t original but other seems OK. Guitar made in 1951.


Please if anyone known about this write down comments and approximate cost of this guitar.


P.S. Sorry for my non-perfect english.

post-27847-067838500 1293051278_thumb.jpg

post-27847-086262900 1293051293_thumb.jpg

post-27847-039296300 1293051302_thumb.jpg

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That Bigsby was made, at the very earliest, in the 1960s (earlier B7s, introduced in '54, had a different shaped plate, and different font) , so it couldn't be original, nevermind that the Bigsby B7 was not issued by Gibson on a 175. Although you say there's no sign of a replacement fingerboard, I'd say that the inlays themselves are a sure sign of it. It definitely does not have the original binding or frets. As for value, I'd put it at $2000-2500, assuming the wiring and pickups are jake, and there's no cracks etc.

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