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in all honesty...what do you think of the finish on this guitar?

S t e v e

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I like it. Action looks a bit high. More pics.

I agree on the pick guard.


i like it too [biggrin], action is set to my style, have a signed pick guard that came with it but would NEVER fit one to any LP (prefer them without)...and did you say more pics? [biggrin]







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I think it's hideous. Get rid of it ASAP. If you don't know where to throw it just PM me and I'll give you my address and everything you need to ship it to me so I can dispose of it. I will even pay for shipping. [thumbup]



That's a wonderful finish, one of my favorites. [thumbup]


TG, i started reading this and was thinking...WTF!!!!!! haha B)

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