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Amp problems resolved

Silenced Fred

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So, I go to the shop, and of course, the amp won't act up [cursing]


I ask him to clean it up, go over routine maintenance stuff, check the tubes, etc. That takes about an hour and a half and he can't find any issues besides for some of the tubes starting to go microphonic. No major issues, then he's like "let's plug it in to see if it still works after taking it apart" (I'm hoping that was said tongue in cheek lol) so he plugs it in and HALLELUJAH! the amp starts screeching like a pterodactyl in heat [-o<


Then he says its probably the input jack and he's gonna have to go in and itll take a while, then he hits a cable that connects the reverb tank, and it stops screeching, moves it again and it starts back up.


So long story short, the issue was a super cheap stereo audio cable connecting the reverb tank, but I did get all new tubes and a cleaning for a damn good price and got to see one of my dad's friends I hadn't seen in a while. Took some friends along and we had a blast for the "3 hour round trip road trip"


I'm just happy it works, but my wallet isn't too happy

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Good to see you found out the problem quickly .....puts the mind at ease.


I'm also glad we didn't see a pole up " which input jack should I get" sorry Fred, I have to tease you cause I like you (but not like like you...wink wink)lol


Don't worry, I'll put up a "which generic stereo audio cable should I get" thread just for you :)

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Awwwww.... C'mon Nathan...


You're too young for the reference to the cry of a pterodactyl. You should ought to leave such comments as that to folks who have heard the cry in the twilight of dawn ... <chortle> like at my age. Or at least wait until you're my age.




Seriously, glad the amp's working and it sounds as if you made the trip into good fun as well. Even if it was a bit pricey.


Also, I think it's a good object lesson to folks who truly love tube amps and/or rely on them for gigging. I think "we" get so used to the "it'll last forever until suddenly it drops dead" rather than the "if you maintain it, it'll last forever," that we don't do the maintenance.


I'd say you done good. That's perhaps not grammatical, but it is truth.



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