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Is this a good deal? J-45 trade


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The WM-45 is a stripped down version of the J-45. It has all solid woods (Sitka top & Mahogany B&S), the bracing is the same, but the bridge & fingerboard are made out of Morado wood (A type of Rosewood). The bindings are simplified too, and the early ones have satin finish B&S. One final detail, the WM-45 has a belly down bridge, like a Martin. Overall though a fine guitar, which sounds like a J-45, but on the cheap, and they initially sold for about half the price of a J-45.


Hope this helps.



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For the value nowadays I suggest you to check the following webpages:










I have attached some info from our archive, and the specifications, taken from the Gruhns Guide to Vintage Guitars, by Walter Carter and George Gruhn.


post-15276-000354800 1293206906_thumb.jpg

post-15276-089085300 1293206906_thumb.jpg


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