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~'57 Gibson Country Western No FON?


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How could I forget!


1960 Gibson Country Western







It is playable now but needs a little work. I am going to take it to my luthier to get the bridge reglued, repair some neck binding, and get the frets dressed/leveled. Until then I will hit it with a bit of humidity because it is just a tad dry. I think the seller put nickel strings (9s possibly?) on it because of the lifting bridge. The action is low now and there is a lot of saddle height left on it. It sounds wonderful even with those 9s so I can't wait to put some PB on it!

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Is this the one that you had posted pictures of a few weeks ago and we were discussing that it looked to have a cherry burst finish ?

Or was that somebody else I'm thinking about ?


Yes, this is the one. The finish has darkened a good bit so it looked in the poor quality pictures like it had a burst. It doesn't, thankfully!

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