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I recently purchased a Dark Fire, and for a while, everything worked fine. But a few days ago, the low E powerhead is no longer working. I've checked to make sure the string is mid-bride inset, etc - and all the other strings tune just fine. The MCV know still tells me that it's out of tune, so that's not the problem.


I.e. - it's sensitive to the tuning of the string - it's just not doing anything to fix it.


I've tried doing a tuning system reset (function 101) - and now I'm stumped.


Also - could i have damaged the pegs by turning them? I never did that while auto-tuning, of course, but when this low E wouldn't tune, I turned the peg myself. It moves funny, making me feel I was doing something wrong. Am i supposed to pull it out first, is there any trick to this?


Any help appreciated. Hoping it's a minor issue and that I won't have to take it to repairs!

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