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Help? Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pickup Selection Issue


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I just recently bought an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top from a licensed Epiphone/Gibson dealer.


I was wondering if anybody could give me a hand with this - I didn't realize this while testing it in the store.


Tone and volume knobs work fine for each pickup selected individually. However, whenever I select both pickups, it seems as if I'm only getting sound through the neck pickup. Rolling back the volume knob on the neck pickup leaves me with no sound whatsoever, regardless of the fact that the bridge pickup is at 10.


Any advice any of you can give to resolve my issue?


Thanks in advance,


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It is normal for there to be no sound with both pickups selected and one volume control at zero - that's the way the guitar is wired. To see if each pickup is working when the 3-way is in the center position, simply tap a pole piece with a metal screwdriver - the sound will be obvious if the pickup is working. To help balance the output of the pickups, adjust the pickup heights - it sounds like you may need to lower the neck pickup.

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when one pickup is at 0 when both are selected, it is normal to have no sound. the center position uses both pickups,

if there is no output from one, there wont be a sound. Kinda like conjoined twins, without one, the other cant live [crying]


issue resolved [thumbup]

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Ahhhhhhhhh..... I LOVE this kind of question! [thumbup]


Welcome to the EPI Forum, friend fiend! (Had to type that).


As the others have stated, it's perfectly normal - the git is wired "Modern Style".

(Thx Bender for remembering the "DIY").


Fast questions: When Both VOLS at 10 and Switch in middle, do you get sound?

Does sound drop off when EITHER Vol knob is turned down while the other stays at 10?


At the TOP part of the EPIPHONE LOUNGE is a "Sticky/Thread" called the

"Do-it-Yourself" Thread. The Following link is FROM that thread. Check out the

entire thread at your convenience, full of all kinds of info...




"3 way switch in middle, turn one volume down, BOTH pup outputs go down.

Wanna know why? Also Independent Volume Control wiring..."


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