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Christmas Night


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It's been a good Christmas for me. I got to see all the family and in laws and all that. Everybody liked what they got. It's a little rough when there are divorces and new step parents and all . My ex didn't make it in citing sickness and my daughter called B.S. on her. She won't even talk to her mom, but I know she's hurt. They've had a strained relationship for quite a while. I don't like when family members have to choose from one or another where they eat, or where they stop first, etc. All in all it's been fair. The weather prevented some get togethers yesterday, but it's all good to. Now the step kids are gone, my son and daughter are gone, my wife is taking a nap and I just got done playing my guitar by the fire as the sun goes down, enjoying the rest of the asti . A perfect Christmas evening. Hope you all had a great one!

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