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NGD! Here She Is! My New Fender Sonoran!


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If i plays like my 82 Fender you love it. the action on my Fender is better thanon my new Bird but it hasent been set up yet. whats the construction on it.great looking guitar. do thay come with regular headstock or just the Strat style


This model only comes with the Strat style headstock and neck.



Nice sounding recording.

I appreciated that. Thanks.

Very nice acoustic work.

What type of mic did you use to record with?


Thanks man!


As for the mic I used, I recorded that with the mic from my Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 Gaming Headset. Not meant for recording but it served my purpose quite well. I've been meaning to buy a real recording mic for sometime now but cash has been short and I'm spending my Christmas money on a Big Muff.

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