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My holiday present to you, a free backing track for you to play along with


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Very interesting....


Way, way ahead of stuff I've heard elsewhere in terms of sounding "real."


Thanks... I may mess with it when I get done at work...





The secret is to play the parts into a sequencer in real time.


Those who enter the notes with a mouse end up with a stiff feel, and IMHO miss all the fun of playing music.



Notes ♫

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Thanks for the kind words.


Thunder, try right-clicking it and you should get an option to save it to your hard drive instead of playing it (PC). I think for the Mac it's option-click.


Let me know if that works or not. I can always e-mail it to you if you want. It's 12 bar blues so I'm not stepping on anyone's copyright.


12-bar blues progressions are always fun to jam along with. I sing "Sweet Home Chicago" to this one on stage and play the fills and solos on my guitar, and it's fun to pretend to be a blues guy. My chops aren't there yet, but in my mind, I'm a regular Buddy Guy ;)


Notes ♫

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