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Whitmore Willy is a Class Act (Plus a Freebie)


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Due to the class act of Whitmore Willy sending me a set of working tuners for my Purple LP II, I am in the mood to return the favor to another forum member. Did you ever buy a display guitar (sometimes paying full price) and wonder what happened to all the accessories and printed material that it shipped with? I will be happy to send you these items (within the CONUS). As far as I know this package is not model-specific. These materials shipped with my Purple LP II Special Plus-Top earlier this month. PM me and I'll pick the first respondent and notify that person tommorow morning and close this thread as well. I am sorry that I can't extend this offer to the forum members living outside of my shipping range.


The winner will be sent the following:


*Instrument Cable

*Truss Rod Wrench (metric)

*Epiphone Poster

*Warranty Card

*Owners Manual (non model-specific)

*Epiphone Bumper Sticker


GOOD LUCK and thanks to everyone (Happy Holidays)

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Willy is a FREEBIE? If so, box him up and send him down here - I have

a couple of projects... [biggrin]


A very kind offer, indeed. But you should KEEP a few of the items, and I'll explain



*Instrument Cable - Rolls up nicely inside git case pocket, works great with tuner.

I keep one and a Korg CA-30 tuner in every Guitar case.


*Truss Rod Wrench (metric) - You WILL need this to do neck adjustments every so often, due

to seasonal temp/humidity changes. KEEP! KEEP!


*Warranty Card and Owners Manual (non model-specific) - Fill card out, keep with PICS and

all paperwork involved with purchase. This will help PROVE you are real owner in the sad event that

drug-crazed cracknoids ever steal your git.

While you're at it, remove Truss Rod cover and/or Knob Control cover and tape/stick SOMETHING on the

back that only YOU will know about. No personal ID-ing info, just something so you can prove you are owner.


Hang onto the Tuners Willy sent you until you finally upgrade with better tuners. Better to have

spares than not, just in case. After that, up to you!


Over time, the MODDING BUG will get you, and you'll start accumulating stuff by way of purchases,

upgrades, horse trading, etc. I have 2 Tool Boxes, one for Guitar TOOLS, one for parts like these:







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