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Help with pick up for a Les Paul


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I am hoping to get some advice for a pick up for my 1996 Les Paul Classic.

I originally bought it in 97 used with a Jeff Beck Seymour Duncan Humbucker in it at the bridge. I always played in hardcore bands so I wasnt as interested in tone as was in playing loud and fast. But now I am not really loving the tone as I play more alternative, rock and blues).


I am looking to get a classic les paul tone, and I dont think that this pick up was giving it to me.....(I listen to Pearl Jam Band of Horses My morning Jacket, also love blues etc)


What do you think the best pick up to put in????


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


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No such thing as the best pickup. Unfortunately, you have to figure that through trial and error. What's your budget? The (more expensive) pickups that frequently come up as the best Pickups are Throbak, Sheptones, WCR, Wolfetones, BareKnuckle. These are all PAF clones. The only ones I've tried/have are Throbak SLE-101 LTD, Wolfetone Dr Vintage and Wolfetone Marshallhead. All are very, very good.


Don't just limit yourself to what's suggested here. Google "best PAF clone" and you'll get a ton more choices.

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