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My review on the Epiphone VeeWee!


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I played one of these little things as GC, i liked it alot so i deiced to ask one for Christmas since i wanted a travel guitar for a few months now.


Now the biggest problem with it is the tuning, you cant tune it to E due to the small neck. There are slight tuning problems, it goes out of tune after a day. I tune it to A, it sounds a little weird but Ive gotten use to it a bit.

The thing that amazes me is the pickup, it sound really good for a $100 guitar. Im not the only one who thinks that either! [lol]

Overall its very well made, id recommend it only for travel or for a small child. Oh and it looks like it could take being dropped on alot.




Comparing it to a MM


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I was wanting to get one of those.

I planned on upgrading it, put a set of Sperzel locking tuners on it, a Schaller or Badass bridge and change out the pup if it sucked.

It would be a shredding little axe.


Edit: It's either going to be this Veewee or that mini Ibanez but I seriously want to have a mini.

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