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What ever happened to the 68 LP Custom Reissue? I see them on ebay from time to time but no longer on the Custom Shop site. I special ordered one years ago, back when the Custom Shop was still taking custom orders. Mine was Antique white. I have seen them around in flame tops, ebony (custom authentic), and white.


Unfortunately I sold mine years ago for financial reasons and now want another one. eBay is always an option but I prefer to just order one from the Custom Shop.


1. Does anyone know if you can still order LP 68 Custom's? If yes, does it come in Classic White or Alpine White? Antique White is too yellow for my tastes.


2. Also, what's the deal with special orders for custom colors. Will you ever be doing that again?


Thank You,


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Call Guitarsale.com. They've got a bunch that have been hanging out for years. They did a special run of silverburst '68s. They also have a bunch of '57s -chambered-cloud 9's with three pickups. You could probably ink a pretty decent deal on one.

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