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1995 Les Paul Historic 59 Reissue Flame Top


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Thanks. Yes, it was a big purchase for me all those years ago and I have only played it occasionally as a result (to expensive to damage/wear out!). Great sound as well - Gibson's pick ups are over looked in my view - these are great and so are the Iommi ones. I got the Les Paul out for some friends and seemed a shame not to post a couple of photos using my daughter's Xmas present camera! J

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:rolleyes:. those 90s historic years


from 1993 til 1998. especially around the 1994 model are the most beautiful often. (tom


murphy possibly involved somehow for the 1994 finish i guess) the 1993 model. the earliest


one, with many pre-historic specs yet is very charming too. its got that small but proud


"the historic collection" decal on the back of the headstock!


only the 1993 model ever has that!




I have a 94 R8 plain top. This was the introduction year for the R8 and it is a great guitar. And yes, Tom did the paint for the first 200 R8's produced in 94.

Beautiful guitar you have there!







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