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Need some advice ..


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Hi [smile]


I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-Top with Seymour Ducan pickups (JB Model on the bridge and a Jazz Model on the neck) and I was thinking about selling it to a friend and buying a Gibson. I've always dreamed of owning a Gibson and now I have the chance! My amp is a Peavey Valveking 212 combo and I like the match (Guitar + Amp) but I not totally happy with my tone and I NEED a better quality instrument (I hate the bridge hardware on my Epi). I fought about buying a Tone Pros bridge but then I asked: What about stop wasting money on a Epi and go for the real thing. I play in a band (Classic Rock/ Hard Rock) for a while and I've just finished the 8th grade on classical guitar, so I fought it was the right time to get a better instrument. I love the Gibson tone, no matter if it is a Les Paul, SG, Explorer, V's, I really like the sound of each guitar. I have arround 1200 euros to spend. With that money my options are: Les Paul Studio (I dont think is it worth selling my Epi for that, though I've never played one), the SG Standard and the Explorer. (I love the Flying V but I dont want one, really). I am seriously thinking about getting the Gibson SG Standard. Do you think it is worth it? (the Gibby costs a lot)


Thanks for you time [wink]

(sorry for the bad english, I'm portuguese)

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I have the same Epi LP as yourself but I can't, for me, justify the cost of a Gibson LP Standard. However, the Gibson SG and the Gibson Explorer are much more reasonably priced.


Out of the two I would recommend the SG as it would cover the styles you want to play better. Explorers have ceramic pickups which may be better suited to higher gain genres.


If you've got a buyer for your Epi and enough cash to get the SG standard then.............why not!


I have the Gibson SG faded and I think it offer excellent quality for the price........if you can't stretch your budget to the cost of a standard. The standard doesn't necessarily give you anything more than the faded, playability/sound wise, but it certainly does look prettier.



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I recommend the SG too. You will be surprised by the feel of a Gibson versus your old Epi. I know because I have a Sheraton that I invested a lot of money in upgrades to (pickups, tuners, and a Bigsby). It is a nice guitar and I thought it was tops, but after getting my SG Special Ltd I realized that there is a noticeable difference.


Not sure what the used market is like in your neck of the woods, but you can save a lot of cash by getting a newer Gibson SG used.

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Hi JP,


I study the classical guitar too, and I think it's a great foundation. What book have you been using with your classical studies?


I haven't got my first Gibson yet, but plan on getting the SG, probably the faded brown. I'm not crazy enough about the SG standard colors (available in just cherry or black) to drop $1,000 plus on it. I think coming from a classical background, you'll find the neck of the SG very comfortable. I know I prefer it to the Fender strats which I've always felt was too thin to get used to. Keep us posted

on how you decide. BTW, the SG faded is one of the more affordable SGs and I've only heard good things about it. :)



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