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hey guys and gals, I wonder if any one would have any info on this Les Paul. Was sold to me brand new as a 59 reissue in 1989. The serial number is 82199XXX. I have replaced original tuning pegs with Grover vintage pegs/ came with speed knobs (gold) but they are all broken so I replaced with amber tophats. Those are the only updates. Couple of weird parts on it were a Chrome jack cover (original), a "standard" truss cover as compared to other 1989 Les Paul I have researched. Weight is 11.2 pounds. Also has a 3 piece maple top with some curls


Please let me know if you have any information on this guitar


Thanks, (great site!)

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:rolleyes: yours is actually a 1989 les paul standard, not the les paul reissue.


the 1989 std had 3 piece mapletop instead of 2 on the post 90s model. slash uses the 1987 std preferably on the stage, most likely because of those 80s std have a very nice medium thickness C-shape round neck. this very comfortable shape neck continued til 1992 and from 1993 gibson usa began the 59 shaped yet non-historic neck. the 1989 gibson usa models had the bill lawrence designed humbucker which has the big head adjust screws. only in 1989 gibson used this pu. from 1990 the 490 series began. the les paul classic came out in 1990 too.


Hey! thanks for the info. I was wondering about the pickups being bill lawrence. I thought they were as to some other reference I had read. The other stange thing is, if you know, that the jack cover is chrome metal as opposed to plastic cream. So this would be a "standard" not really a re-issue per say?


thanks again



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[cool] the les paul standard from 1983? til 2001 had the specs like these in below.


@ indian rosewood fretboard.

@ south american mahogany neck and body.

@ the 3 piece mapletop. (1983-1989)

@ the 2 piece mapletop. (1990-2001)

@ shaller kluson type tuners. (after 1997, the same tuners but made by Grover-USA.

@ Grover rotomatic tuners (chrome/1998-2001)

@ "Standard" on the trussrod cover.

@ brown plastic cavity plates.

@ the meduim C shape neck. (1983-1992)

@ the 59 but non-historic shape neck. (1993-current)

@ the patent# gibson humbucker. (1983-1988)

@ the bill lawrence design gibson humbucker. (1989 only)

@ the 490 series humbuckers. (1990-current)

@ the nashville tune o matic bridge. (chrome/made by shaller)

@ speed knobs. (gold)

@ metal jack plate. (nickel)

@ the rocket hard case. (1983-1987)

@ the TKL brown Gibson-USA hard case. (1988-2001)

@ the gold "Les Paul" script decal w/MODEL in the original style. (1983-1992)

@ the gold "Les Paul" script decal w/MODEL in the modern style. (1993-current)

@ the weight reduce holes.



[cool] the les paul standard from 2002 til 2007.


@ indian rosewood fretboard.

@ south american mahogany neck and body.

@ the gibson kluson reissue tuners made by GOTOH in japan.

@ 2A or 3A mapletop depending on the model. (standard/standard plus/premium plus?)

@ the nashville tune o matic bridge (nickel/made by shaller)

@ tophat knobs (gold)

@ cream plastic jack plate.

@ black plastic cavity plates.

@ the black TKL Gibson-USA hard case.

@ many colors available including some crazy ones.

@ the 59 fat neck model and the 60 slim neck model both available.

@ the weight reduce holes.



[cool] the les paul standard 2008 since 2008.










:-({|= joe yoshida.....dont steal nothing from here LPF!





Thank you very much. This is a great help! I love the les paul and was always confused on it's history!!!

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:rolleyes: the new les paul traditional since 2008 is actually the reissue of the old les paul standard from 1983-2001. the les paul standard first came back in 1976 and it has had the minor spec changes since. the early standard had the 3 piece neck. (both maple and mahogany i guess) and the large headstock and volute. until the 2002 update model came out, the standard always had its cutaway binding very big. covering on the mapletop completely. after the 2002 update model, it became thin like the original. before 2002, the standard had the chrome parts mostly and after 2002 it mostly has the nickel parts on it. the last thing is the neck joint. i am not so sure on this one yet but since 2008 or so gibson changed the neck joint to better one. the older one had some empty space in the joint so the tone was somehow lost and weak. the new joint is different and much better i heard. i must do more research on this soon. i think les paul traditional and standard 2008 now have the weight reduce holes of 9 in them. and les paul studio and classic have the weight reduce chamber in them. they used to be very heavy but very light lately. feels good! joe.



that's good info. The cut-away binding on my 89 les paul is very thick. The neck is a single piece mahogany. also, at 11.2 pounds, it sure feels like no weight reduction holes are in there!


the jack cover is chrome.

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