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SG GT does anyone have one of these?


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Does anyone have one of these? I could have bought one earlier this year and I am kicking myself that I let it go, the last new one in the country, this will haunt me I expect. Never mind, does anyone have one and could they share their thoughts on these specced up rarities?

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Sweet lookin' guitars.


This one's not new, but looks to be in decent shape.

Probably cheaper than new too.

I don't like to buy guitars without playing them first, but if I really wanted one, as rare as they are, what are ya gonna do?

Also a little nick near the back plate isn't that bad.





yes that looks pretty good, the one I had available was daytona blue(flat dark blue)with the white stripe, shame they didn't do it in a metallic blue, then my son woulda put a gun to my head LOL. He has a Metallic blue Epi G400 which is quite nice but that has now taken a back seat to his new junior (he bought that one himself we didnt pay for it)I should really learn to play I guess and then I can just say "f...k it I'm buyin it"

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