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Trading my Strat


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I'm shortly going to trade my 2004 Amber Highway1, Rosewood board HSS for a 1995 Arctic White, Maple board SSS, American Standard plus a few quid.


Always wanted a white maple strat and this one looks great.


Pics to follow if I do the deal.


It's about time we had another strat thread don't you think?

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My '83 Smith Strat:






I've had 14 bucketloads of Strats, pre-CBS, CBS, post CBS. They can be good or bad in all eras. The only Stratlust I have would be for an early ('87) Fiesta Red American Standard, simply because that was the Strat with all the 'WOW' factor when Fender was reborn, and also in the late 90s they came out with a deep plum purple color that I thought was severely hot.

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Is that going to be Olympic White? I thought Arctic White was a MIM, not MIA? (Standard: Arctic White, American Standard: Olympic White ?) Sounds good anyway. Congrats man.


Good spot. It is indeed Olympic White gsgbass. In fact it is beginning to take on that aged yellow hue.


Pulled the trigger this afternoon. Took me about 3 seconds of playing it to know it was for me. Pics to follow in due course.

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