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Les paul studio deluxe vs. Firebird V


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If I had neither, I'd go with the LP - but that's my preference.


As R9 wrote, you should visit some shops and play both to see what YOU prefer.


I have both...love em both..I'm a pretty big guy (6'3) and skinny and the Firebird fits me perfectly...and I really love the Mini-Humbuckers...so articulate and clear...but..being that my Gibby Les Paul 60's Studio Deluxe was my first Gibby, I have a huge soft spot for it...I love the coil-tapping option and it just sounds incredible...It's also heavey like a anchor and I love it..real deep lovely tone..To my knowledge I though the deluxe was discontinued but are still shown at GC and MF..both great guitar's but go in and try both and see witch one fits you best..

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