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A Math Problem


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Well I'm no wiz at this modern math but here goes.......


If Cookie had 14 guitars and decided to sell

this one.....



this one......



this one....



and this one....



Then bought this one....



Plus these two...



and added this...



How many miles must Cookie drive before he no longer has any GAS!!msp_confused.gif

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I owned the same studio u bought but this was a few years back. Cant remember which studio is was though. Beautiful guitar and sound. Wish I hadn't sold it but I did it as a part exchange on a Vox AC30 vintage

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I think the answer is 14 guitars. [flapper]


Wanna know how I reached that answer? Because the only way a GASsy SOB like you will sell that many guitars is to buy the same amount of guitars [lol]


What can I say, I know my own kind [lol]


Hold on now son thats G.O.P. (GUITAR OWNER PROFILING)

I'm shocked!! eusa_naughty.gif

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