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Intro - 3 epi family, do I need a Martin?


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Hi People - first post here so be nice!!


I have a collection consisting of 2007 Faith Venus (fantastic all-rounder), '93 Gibson J100 (tone king, big strummer, monster sound), 2006 Fairclough River Electro-Acoustic (pretty guitar, fair picker, but not that balanced),

'65 Caballero (All original including case, fantastic condition, will be sold), Epiphone Casino ('84 MIJ matsumoku - 'nuff said!),'66 Epiphone FT30 Caballero (bit battered, but plays well - birthyear guitar). List as per attached picture

So the 65 Caballero will be going - but what to replace her with?

Firstly, I'm no player (I'm pretty crap if truth be told, but I give it a go!!), and secondly I have no sentimental attachment to any of my guitars, they come and go like busses - (well maybe the Casino and the 66 Cab should really stay).

I quite like the size and feel of the Caballero. I am thinking about a Martin 000 15 or 17. I've never owned a Martin as they are normally way way out of my budget, but you can pick up a 000 15 for about £700, so if I save my pennies and get the right price for the 65 Cab I should be ok.

But will this Martin be good enough? I hear reports about Johnsons, Chinese Guilds, Vintage, Freshman, Yamaha etc etc that will blow the "Benchmark" guitars out of the water, so is it really worth paying the extra?, and more importantly will it be better than my 65 Cabellero?



My guitars

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Hi Marcus.


Welcome to the forum mate, good to have you aboard at last. I do like that group photo, they look really good like that, some nice guitars there Marcus, and I should know having played them all, and of course previously owning that lovely Matsumoku Casino (Which is in my Avatar!).



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This is an area that is all entirely subjective! In order to find out which best fits you are going to have to do the leg work and try them all out. No-one can tell you what you're going to like best for the dollar spent. It is all up to you and you alone! That said, I am a fan of Martins and nothing plays, smells, looks, feels or sounds like a Martin other than a Martin! I have a couple of Epiphone Materbilts that are nice too.



Those are a 000-28 a D35 and an Lx1e Little Martin



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